YouTube Reverse Engineered !!!

This is the blog post which i wanted to write since i created the application named “YTGrabber“. Its a youtube video download api, sounds weired huh? But that’s true, it actually gives you the download links for youtube videos from their watch url  (eg. ). This api is RESTful in nature and gives response in JSON format hence its integration with any programming language  is easy.Moreover i built a web application based on this api. You might be thinking what’s the need of another software when there are several already. But thats the difference, downloaders available in diffrent types like browser extensions or even web apps all have some dependencies,some requires client side java others requires you to use specific browsers.This application cuts all the  crap of client side java etc. and just needs a web browser to function properly. This application can work smoothly on older browsers too (with some minor defects in UI which i’ll fix soon) but an HTML5 and CSS3 compliant browser is a plus point.Moreover this application gives you all possible format options (like MP4,3GP,flv) including HD ones.Creating such application filled me with great enthusiasm and joy. Will look forward to reverse engineer some other Google services (next up is Google Books).

P.S. This application is hosted here on Openshift cloud hosting.Source code of the api is there on github.


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