Money Management Failed !!!

Managing money is getting difficult. As I already mentioned my intention of keeping track of my expenses but so far all I have got is failure. I tried to keep track of all expenses but couldn’t. Tomorrow I’m moving to my paying guest (PG) accommodation and I hope that my expenses would come down and then it would be easier to keep track.

Anyways I have enjoyed my stay thus far and looking forward to some more good experience.


Hyderabad – My new but temp home

Well end of 2013 has been hectic and I couldn’t post anything. So here it is,  a long delayed post. First of all a good or may be not so good news that I shifted to Hyderabad. I already posted about getting placed in Accenture and for that very reason I had to relocate to Hyderabad. Since its the first time I’ll be leaving my home for the first time so I was excited as well as sad at the same time. Once I got there for first 2-3 days I found it very difficult, washing clothes, ironing them, keeping things save etc. but soon I became use to it.

Well enough about past. Its my 5th day here and I have realized the value of both home and money. Its getting very difficult to find a good accommodation because of my peers preferring flat as opposed to paying guest kind of accommodation. But since I am don’t have any friends over here I’ll have to adjust.  One  more thing I’m little concerned about is money management because I never had to manage it on my own and hence I have decided that from now on I’ll keep track of all the spending that I do so that I don’t spend extravagantly.

There is no denial that I want to go back to my home but its a fact that I can’t for 1-2 years.  I’m just keeping my fingers crossed  and hoping for the best.

Keep It Clean – Music management redefined

Music directory is the second most chaotic directory after Downloads and surely this is not a good thing for music lovers. Everything is good until you are using your favorite music manager for listening songs but the moment you have to visit the music directory to copy some songs to external device or something ,you realize what a mess it is. The enormous amount of songs in one folder tends to make loading the directory slow and sometimes even not responding. Arranging such large volume of music manually is time consuming and redundant, even if you arrange them manually once it will be same mess again within few weeks. So what to do ? We need some automated way to this arrangement and this is where my new project come in to existence. Keep It Clean is a perl script which arranges your music files based on artists, albums, year you name it. Right now the script is in its infancy and can only arrange music based on albums. You can find the source code on github. If you are a music lover or perl programmer or both or something else and want to contribute, feel free to send pull requests. Although right now its functionality  is limited but in my opinion its a treat to all music lovers for whom digging through music directory is a nightmare.

I hope this proves to be a worthy project for all music lovers.

P.S. This is my second blog post within 24 hours. I’m actually getting a hang of it 😛

Doomsday – The day of my placement

This is the blog post I wanted to write since quite some time but somehow couldn’t . This post is about my placement journey which started with Amazon and ended with Accenture.  So here it goes.

Amazon was the first company lined up this placement season. Nearly 600 students sat for the written test out of which only 28 could qualify and unfortunately i wasn’t one of them.

Next company was Deloitte LLC , its test was conducted by Aspiring Minds. There were around 600 students out of which 152 students qualified for the GD/PI. This time too my name wasn’t in the list. I felt really really bad. Part of this feel was because all of my friends cleared the test :P.

Another company, S&P Capital IQ was lined up. I collected my self up and got ready for yet another test. This time the requirements were high and only 100 students sat for the test. 38 students were shortlisted for further process but my streak continued and my name was once again not in the list. This was the breaking point for me. I couldn’t comprehend the things going on with me. Although I wasn’t the only one who failed in all these tests but surely this was something new for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about the worse REMAINING UNPLACED!!!

The next company lined up was Accenutre , it was a mass recruiter with 600+ vacancies and the situation was like its now or never. I buckled up and revisited all the concepts in quantitative and reasoning parts before the exam and then came the test day. I reached the college at 8:30AM and to my surprise 70% of students were already waiting outside the labs. This showed how important and tough it was going to be.And then the test started I took a deep breath and the test begun. Questions were mixed or may be I was puzzled but somehow I finished the test and came out. After one week the result was declared. I got the mail from TNP cell .The mail had the list of 700 students selected for the interview round. My heart started beating like hell. My hands were shivering and I couldn’t even type my name to search it. Part of this shivering was from fear of yet another failure.But somehow i managed the courage to type my name and hit the search button and there it goes, this time my name was there in the list. The streak was broken and I was shortlisted for the interviews. WOOHOO!!!.

And then came the Doomsday the interview day. My name was called up for the interview and I was made to sit for approximately 2 hours before the interview. I was sitting outside my interview room looking at students going in and coming out. It was the first time that I was sitting so quiet and waiting for my turn. Then came my turn. Interview went well, I can’t say more on that. It just went!. Then another interview with HR and the process was over. I came out of the HR interview called my mom told her about the experience, then called my friends and told them too. Overall my interviews went good and I was confident but you can’t be sure until everything finalized. On my way back to home all I could think was more clever answers to the questions asked and the question whether I’ll be selected or not. After 5 long days which seemed like 5 months the result came out and  fortunately my name was there in the list. I was on the ninth cloud. All I could manage was a big and weird smile on my face. I took a deep breath and said Now It Ends… :).

I’m writing this post after so many days of placements but I can still feel the same vibe while writing this.

Perl-A new tool under my belt

This summer was yet another cool summer and as a part of summer learning I learnt Perl the most awesome language under my tool-belt. It all started with a mission of learning a new scripting language. With two options in my head, Python and Perl, the choice was obvious due to my history with Python. So I grabbed a copy of Learning Perl the best book for the beginners. In fact its the best book I have read till the date.  Its concepts are divided into three levels/books namely Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl and Mastering Perl. I started reading the book and found myself enjoying the concepts. One best thing about the book was exercises after every chapter to gauge your learning and it proved its worth. I read the book from cover to cover and did all the exercises. It took me 20 days to read the book and you can find my solutions at my github repository.

I want to share some of the coolest features of the language

  • Perl is the language with the most cryptic syntax, yet its cool.
  • It has a very strong and powerful regular expression engine which has loads of features which is not available in languages.
  • Binding Operator (~=), Substitution (s///) and Smart Matching (~~) are another cool features.
  • Highly useful control structures like given-when and naked block control.
  • It has redo operator which is not available in other languages.
  • It has a huge community in form of PerlMonks and a huge modules repo CPAN.

I loved my learning of this cool language and still continuing my voyage..

P.S. Currently I’m reading Intermediate Perl.

The Injustice

8 moths ago i started this blog to share my coding experience but since then i found it very hard to take out some time and write for the blog.  I almost forgot about its existence , but toady i got some free time and i thought to pen down my feelings about not being able to do justice to this blog .  Hence i have promised to myself to take out some time weekly and write , although i’m not very good at keeping my promises but just hope to live up-to it . From now onward i’ll try to share the  stuff with everyone ( well another promise ) and keep this blog updated .

In my next post ( which will be coming very soon ) i’ll share  my experience of Java Atmosphere Framework . Till then just hoping to find out some spare time to write.

YouTube Reverse Engineered !!!

This is the blog post which i wanted to write since i created the application named “YTGrabber“. Its a youtube video download api, sounds weired huh? But that’s true, it actually gives you the download links for youtube videos from their watch url  (eg. ). This api is RESTful in nature and gives response in JSON format hence its integration with any programming language  is easy.Moreover i built a web application based on this api. You might be thinking what’s the need of another software when there are several already. But thats the difference, downloaders available in diffrent types like browser extensions or even web apps all have some dependencies,some requires client side java others requires you to use specific browsers.This application cuts all the  crap of client side java etc. and just needs a web browser to function properly. This application can work smoothly on older browsers too (with some minor defects in UI which i’ll fix soon) but an HTML5 and CSS3 compliant browser is a plus point.Moreover this application gives you all possible format options (like MP4,3GP,flv) including HD ones.Creating such application filled me with great enthusiasm and joy. Will look forward to reverse engineer some other Google services (next up is Google Books).

P.S. This application is hosted here on Openshift cloud hosting.Source code of the api is there on github.

Caching in the cuisines

With every new semester comes a new project” ;). and for this semester it was call for a Web Tech. project.I chose an entirely different concept for it ,giving cuisines and beverages against their geographical locations. It sounds weird  but that’s the challenge,so i started picking up the services which can be helpful. After 2 days i was all prepared to start working on it.With JSP and Servlets  for my webapp i choose Openshift cloud hosting and other handful of services namely Google Maps,and Yummly Recipe Search.Giving UI was not a tough task, few days of work and a good UI was there. The most difficult task was to cache in the cuisines and beverages for all the countries (there are 190 countries listed on gmaps) .After searching for an authenticated source of such information wikipedia and some other websites (with limited information) were my options. I started caching dishes by making a crawler in Java ,tweaking that crawler so many times for just one website,and soon i had 860 dishes for just 64 countries. It was not a bad start,i was really happy that investing 3 hours in this paid off but when i checked these dishes against my recipe provider the things were not the same ,recipes of many dishes were not there . I decided to make another crawler which will check the cached in dishes against the recipes. That crawler seemed to work fine for first 200 or so dishes but all of a sudden it gave me a NullPointerException which was of no meaning there, after some tweaks i ran it again but with no luck it failed again. After some more tweaks i ran it again and fortunately it ran correctly this time and it counted 587 dishes with recipes. Now was the time to save all those dishes in a  markup file ,so that i don’t have to fetch them all the time but again the crawler start giving me random shit.Keeping my fingers crossed i’m still trying to figure out the cause of exception.Wishing for good results.

Hello Blogging!!!

Inspired by my friend’s habit of blogging and sharing what they do i planned to have my personal blog started and after two hours of this thought here it is my own blog. This is my first blog post so it’s a bit random , its about my experience of getting this blog up. After the thought of having my blog struck my mind the next word that came to my mind was “WordPress”. For those who don’t know what WordPress is here is a definition copied down from there website.  WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. My next question was where will i host my blog, with two options in my mind (1) default wordpress hosting and domain (2) OpenShift Cloud hosting with my own domain i chose the second one because of easy setup of wordpress application with OpenShift. With only two clicks and entering  my application name my blog was up in few minutes ,but editing the default template provided by wordpress and selecting a good looking theme, changing appearance of the blog took a lot of time. After all this the time was to have my first blog post. With no experience of  writing blogs it was a tough task to pen down my first post so i thought to make it as simple and short as possible. Setting up the blog and writing down my first blog post filled me with great enthusiasm and i felt the wowness of writing blogs and sharing your experience with other.