Money Management Failed !!!

Managing money is getting difficult. As I already mentioned my intention of keeping track of my expenses but so far all I have got is failure. I tried to keep track of all expenses but couldn’t. Tomorrow I’m moving to my paying guest (PG) accommodation and I hope that my expenses would come down and then it would be easier to keep track.

Anyways I have enjoyed my stay thus far and looking forward to some more good experience.


Hyderabad – My new but temp home

Well end of 2013 has been hectic and I couldn’t post anything. So here it is,  a long delayed post. First of all a good or may be not so good news that I shifted to Hyderabad. I already posted about getting placed in Accenture and for that very reason I had to relocate to Hyderabad. Since its the first time I’ll be leaving my home for the first time so I was excited as well as sad at the same time. Once I got there for first 2-3 days I found it very difficult, washing clothes, ironing them, keeping things save etc. but soon I became use to it.

Well enough about past. Its my 5th day here and I have realized the value of both home and money. Its getting very difficult to find a good accommodation because of my peers preferring flat as opposed to paying guest kind of accommodation. But since I am don’t have any friends over here I’ll have to adjust.  One  more thing I’m little concerned about is money management because I never had to manage it on my own and hence I have decided that from now on I’ll keep track of all the spending that I do so that I don’t spend extravagantly.

There is no denial that I want to go back to my home but its a fact that I can’t for 1-2 years.  I’m just keeping my fingers crossed  and hoping for the best.