Keep It Clean – Music management redefined

Music directory is the second most chaotic directory after Downloads and surely this is not a good thing for music lovers. Everything is good until you are using your favorite music manager for listening songs but the moment you have to visit the music directory to copy some songs to external device or something ,you realize what a mess it is. The enormous amount of songs in one folder tends to make loading the directory slow and sometimes even not responding. Arranging such large volume of music manually is time consuming and redundant, even if you arrange them manually once it will be same mess again within few weeks. So what to do ? We need some automated way to this arrangement and this is where my new project come in to existence. Keep It Clean is a perl script which arranges your music files based on artists, albums, year you name it. Right now the script is in its infancy and can only arrange music based on albums. You can find the source code on github. If you are a music lover or perl programmer or both or something else and want to contribute, feel free to send pull requests. Although right now its functionality  is limited but in my opinion its a treat to all music lovers for whom digging through music directory is a nightmare.

I hope this proves to be a worthy project for all music lovers.

P.S. This is my second blog post within 24 hours. I’m actually getting a hang of it 😛


Perl-A new tool under my belt

This summer was yet another cool summer and as a part of summer learning I learnt Perl the most awesome language under my tool-belt. It all started with a mission of learning a new scripting language. With two options in my head, Python and Perl, the choice was obvious due to my history with Python. So I grabbed a copy of Learning Perl the best book for the beginners. In fact its the best book I have read till the date.  Its concepts are divided into three levels/books namely Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl and Mastering Perl. I started reading the book and found myself enjoying the concepts. One best thing about the book was exercises after every chapter to gauge your learning and it proved its worth. I read the book from cover to cover and did all the exercises. It took me 20 days to read the book and you can find my solutions at my github repository.

I want to share some of the coolest features of the language

  • Perl is the language with the most cryptic syntax, yet its cool.
  • It has a very strong and powerful regular expression engine which has loads of features which is not available in languages.
  • Binding Operator (~=), Substitution (s///) and Smart Matching (~~) are another cool features.
  • Highly useful control structures like given-when and naked block control.
  • It has redo operator which is not available in other languages.
  • It has a huge community in form of PerlMonks and a huge modules repo CPAN.

I loved my learning of this cool language and still continuing my voyage..

P.S. Currently I’m reading Intermediate Perl.